Fortune Magazine Leadership Summit

David was the top rated speaker for Fortune magazine’s Leadership Summit, receiving a rare standing ovation from our audience of top CEOs and executives. I’ve since hired him multiple times to address similar audiences around the globe.

We had more enthusiastic feedback about David Marquet than any other part of the conference.

Everyone felt as if they had an opportunity to voice a concern, make a point, etc. Your basic principles provided the structure required to have an open conversation.   Thanks for setting the foundation and allowing us to take this major step. We do intend to change the world in a meaningful way!
Sigma Labs, Inc

“We received rave reviews on David’s talk from our people and customers.”
Alchemy Systems

“Not only was David’s presentation spot on, connecting with so many of our leadership principles, his delivery was sincere, energetic, insightful and genuine.” – Don Balducci, Senior Advisor
CA Technologies

Highest rated speaker at the conference!
Daniel Markovitz
Markovitz Consulting

I just want to say “thank you” for the time you spent with us today. Your
speech and answers you gave to the team are simply fantastic!

Highest rated session during our conference!
Denmark Oil & Gas Conference 2016